If I could, I would. I can’t, so I shan’t.

Hello homo sapiens! I’ve been existing in this world since 20 years now. I think that I know some stuff that’s pretty cool. I am completely sure that I know a lot of things about quite unnecessary, sometimes unusual things, maybe because I have a really strong memory.
This line, “If I could, I would. I can’t, so I shan’t” is one of my favorite lines said by Dr. Sheldon Cooper. It is only after everything that could go south in my life went down that I realised what it can potentially stand for. I wish to be able to find the exact words to portray what phase this line has got me from.
Here, I try and find words to put thoughts into existence. You can find all of my posts on the link below and also on the second page, “The Posts”


Leave a comment if and when you like what you see! I hope you enjoy your visit!


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