“See, He’s Her Lobster!”

in a world like ours has become to say “fallen in love” is as easy and small as saying i just ate a whole pizza. we seem to forget that it is however a Maleficent feeling also a very difficult one to cope up with.

people say you should always say what you feel, never keep it inside for it may end up in something very drastic. but many things in this world are easier said than done, confessing being one of them. because not even Rachel could tell Ross that she loved him when he was going to marry Emily despite gathering the courage to fly to London for the sole purpose of telling him that she loved him. if you come to think of it, why didn’t she tell him after all? simply because she realized that she was late. it doesn’t actually matter that Ross ended up saying Take thee Rachel during his vows because he didn’t know then that Rachel loved him, what he did was a cynical decision. yes he did see Rachel before his wedding but what his mind went through in between seeing Rachel and taking her name is still pretty unknown.

Ross and Rachel might be one of the greatest love stories in the history of love, but it is also one of the most turbulent, sure! they end up together but can we really forget how drastic of a roller coaster ride they were actually on? they are everybody’s favorite, mine too! and any girl would be lucky to be the Rachel to someone’s Ross, but if you ask me, I would be more than happy to be

The Monica to someone’s Chandler.



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