How I Taught Myself To Not Give A Shit.

Could we be any less or any more concerned about the things that we are rn? Will we humans ever move past the petty stuff that we think is worth wasting a whole day or an hour over? Could we find the capability to look at the bigger picture and make ourselves realize that what we think about as super important and influencing is nothing but a little something that isn’t going to make much sense and isn’t going to matter 5 years from now. All it would be is a simple normal day. We moved past all days we thought we couldn’t, and we would move past this too.

This is something i learnt the hard way. A certain someone who holds the most important place in my life told me that sometimes it is better to be nonchalant, it was almost a month later that i realized that what he actually meant was to be nonchalant towards some people and for some things. All one has to do is find, not a whole lot but just a hand full of people to laugh one’s hearts out with. 

I won’t lie, it is going to take time and there is also a very high possibility of us falling down a whole lot of times and more hard than we think we would before we finally get our lives together. But one thing that we can be sure of is that, we will pull ourselves together. It took me a  year and a half to finally realize who among everyone i cared about were actually worth screwing my brains over and spending nights thinking about. A while back, i read something that said it isn’t betrayal if it comes from your enemies. And honestly i related to it  on such a high level 🙌 

The point is nobody learns what life teaches until he gets stomped on real hard. All he has to do after being stomped on, is to find the courage to make his heart realize that the people he assumed to be his Bestfriends are actually and have always been anchors and he has to drop them as soon as possible. 

This might feel like a huge thing to be prepared for before doing, but honestly, all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Because you don’t need to talk your way out of this with someone, you just have to cut the chords from your end.

That’s what i did. And i am so glad that i did. Never been happier. 


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