Let things be, they’ll turn out the way they’re supposed to.

The power, as I’ve realised, to complicate something to incomprehensible levels lies in our hands. I’ve also come across the fact that we tend to lose our minds when we hear something important, subjective to us or the people around us for obvious reasons, because something that is special for everybody is also something that isn’t special for anybody. Shit gets lost when we over-comprehend things. Asking somebody if they are optimistic or pessimistic is just another way of asking them what way do they over-comprehend things in. What I’ve found about people is that they don’t tell you things you want to know, they tell you things they want you to know. Given this,

Irrespective of your belief in God, Destiny or Karma, there is literally nothing you changing your mood under the impression of how You think things will turn out can do about things you don’t have any power on. 

You see, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you overthink shit, which has a lot to do with the Frame Of Reference we think in.

We tend to forget that there is a world that is existing pretty well without even knowing us and yet we sit back on the Theory that the World revolves around Us.

People that we don’t talk to are obviously talking baseless things about us, no matter if they’ve even thought about us or not. People that we like and are not talking to us are obviously, intentionally ignoring us, no matter how jam packed their days are. Overthinking little things also holds the potential to ignite one of out biggest fears of Public Humiliation, if not public then just humiliation or embarrassment. Overdoing little things end up being Out-of-comprehensive-borders when you thought they’d be Outstanding. It is when you try too hard that you face the non existing complexity of something as simple as boiling water. It is when we think too much about how we’re looking as an existing organism that we end up being an Awkward Ass Weirdo in front of the one person who isn’t supposed to be seeing That side of you this soon.

Sometimes good results come out of No Actions than a Reaction. I mean, laying down, chilled out is anyway, anyday better than a touch of irritability topped with mental exhaustion and disappointment.

Letting things be is one of the easiest and also one of the least done things. You don’t need courage, you don’t need permission. You just need to switch off your phone and sleep because if you got two hours to be Ambiguous about how the conversation you’re thinking to start is gonna go, then it can happen 8 hours later too.

But then there are people who like to work for things, who don’t want to sit back and watch time take its course and turn things over. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not preaching a No-Work attitude. One should always work for things he wants in life. But then he shouldn’t be crying over how the road he took didn’t lead him there. Don’t regret the paths you chose, thinking about what would’ve happened if you took the other way around. Regretting the decisions you, single-handedly, took is the worst thing you can do in life. There must be something seriously wrong that went real down that you’re down to questioning your ability.

Let me put it in a way all of us will get. You see how everybody (myself included) has this life-long, never ending obsession with ”There are no in-betweens”. Like ‘Everything or Nothing; no in between’, or ‘Oscar red carpet or homeless drug addict’. Basically, two extremes, no in between. Yeah so, either Let things be, because they’ll turn out the way they’re supposed to, Or work for it, unless you run crying about how it didn’t go as planned. There is no in between.



6 thoughts on “Let things be, they’ll turn out the way they’re supposed to.

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      1. Thankyou for your feedback.
        Okay, so writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing where the author fails to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. An author, if you Google it, you’ll find out, is someone who originated anything like a play or book this is also a writer. An author can broadly be defined as the person who originated or gave existence to anything.
        I would want to see where did you find out that bloggers can’t be called authors, not that I want to be called one.
        Another thing mam, you don’t use ‘have’ with singular nouns.


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