A Different Route

And it is the fear of stepping into one of those land mines that we’ve gotten into a habit of doing things such as softening our speech to sound more likable. We’ve started diminishing words, opinions and thoughts to ensure we don’t get labelled as Bitchy, Aggressive or just plain Dumb. We’ve started apologizing for taking up space, before asking a question.


My Disbelief

We don't know what our actions are going to result in, and when they don't turn out to be as planned or slightly differ from how we thought they would, we either tend to give it up or blame it on the bigger force's pre-written course that has been chosen for us to walk on.

DIY : Change. 

no amount of happy memories of the past will ever be large enough for you to tolerate the toxicity of things in the present and/or for the foreseeable future

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